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The Shul Hebrew School
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At The Shul Hebrew School, we truly believe each child is a "JEM", and our motto is "Jewish Education MatterS".

 Our day is divided into 4 segments, keeping the kids excited and always anticipating what's to come.  Through various different mediums, we strive to give the kids a sense of Jewish pride; that they should find JOY in the Jewish traditions.

1. J- JEWISH PRIDE - we begin each day with a delicious Brachot Club, each week focusing on a different blessing with an accompanying snack.  We then do Tefillah, taking the children inside a real Synagogue to increase their comfort level and help them connect to G-d in their own way.

2. E -EXPLORE - Our Holidays, Heritage and More!  Each class uses carefully chosen curricula to engage the students as they learn Jewish history and how it is relevant to their lives today!

3. M-MOVEMENT - Keeping the kids on their toes, we have interactive activities to bring the lessons of the day to life.  Hunts, crafts, edible creations, game-shows and more reinforce the messages we are trying to impart.

4. S-SAVVY READERS - With our state of the art Reading Program, Aleph Champ, each child progresses individually at their own level to master the Hebrew letters, vowels and finally reading full words, sentences and prayers! 

Stay tuned for 2020-21 details 

Hebrew School Homework
Bar / Bat Mitzvah Discovery
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Tehilim and a Torah Thought
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