As we’re preparing the Jewish Art Calendar, here is a great opportunity to fill each day of the year with gratitude and appreciation to someone or something special in your life. 

Giving thanks is a very Jewish virtue. In fact, the very term Jew (Yehudi) is directly linked to the Hebrew word hoda’ah, which means “thanks.”

Studies show that expressing gratitude has been linked to improved sense of wellbeing, joy and happiness, higher self-esteem, less depression and anxiety, and even better sleep. 

The Shul’s Jewish art calendar is a beautiful and meaningful way of expressing your love and gratitude to someone you care about. It features 13 stunning illustrations by various Jewish artists, each one representing a different theme of Judaism. The calendar also includes all the Jewish holidays and dates, as well as explanations of their meanings and traditions. Our calendar is filled with meaningful dedication opportunities which create memorable celebrations throughout the year.

The due date for dedications is July 24. Place your calendar dedications today and make someone’s day brighter and happier.

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