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CTeen Trip - Breakout Room

CTeen Trip - Breakout Room
2nd CTeen Trip!

Saturday Night, January 16 @ 8pm
Special CTeen Rate - $10

Breakout! The Room Escape Game is a fun, exciting, and interactive new game where you are locked in a room with our CTeen Club, and you must escape within 60 minutes using only your wits, and the items and clues available in the room. You'll LOVE IT!

The door locks behind you. A large menacing timer begins counting down from 1 hour. You’re not sure where to begin. You just know you must escape the room before the timer reaches zero. You know the key to the exit is in the room, but how do you find it? You slowly begin searching the room. Locks are everywhere. You find a clue in a drawer. You realize that the solution is a number. Is that number the combination to one of the locks? Your pulse quickens. The number does indeed open a lock. A friend of yours shouts out that they found a clue in a different part of the room...
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CTeen Trip - Breakout Room   Jan 16, 2016
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