This year we're excited to present a brand new opportunity for your children to be fully immersed in the Hebrew language and experience all activities with energetic Israeli counselors in Hebrew!

Campers will increase their proficiency in the Hebrew language and acquire important communication skills in a natural, fun, camp atmosphere. Previous knowledge of Hebrew is NOT required.

This program is in partnership with Kayitz Kef - an internationally acclaimed organization that supports Hebrew immersion programs in day camps across the US and Canada.

This program is offered at no additional cost, however there are very limited spaces available so reserve your spot today!

See more about Kayitz Kef here:

Kayitz Kef ( Hebrew at Camp), a specialty program for day campers across North America, offers all the fun of camp in Hebrew. Kayitz Kef , a program of the Areivim Philanthropic Group, gives American Jewish youth the ability to converse in Modern Israeli Hebrew and to own contemporary Israeli culture as part of who they are

Meaning “Summer of Fun”, Kayitz Kef offers campers an opportunity to play, laugh, sing, swim, run, and create in the warmth of a close-knit family of campers and counselors. Campers come home each day proud of their new language skills – along with new friendships, fun camp memories and a love of Hebrew!

No Hebrew experience needed! Kids at Kayitz Kef have fun and build confidence regardless of any previous experience with Hebrew. Kayitz Kef programs immerse campers in the Hebrew language throughout their camp day. Staff communicate in Hebrew and campers are encouraged to communicate in Hebrew in a broad range of daily routines and activities. Staff are trained to use a variety of pedagogic strategies adapted to the camp setting to facilitate internalization of Hebrew language facility on the part of campers. The program employs the Proficiency Approach for second language acquisition (endorsed as the gold standard for second language acquisition by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages – ACTFL).