Bar Mitzvah Discovery Course

Your little boy is growing up... getting ready for that big transition to manhood! I know it's hard to believe. It may be a bit early to buy him a suit, but it is just the right time to help him focus on this unique time in his journey of life and provide him with some tools to take along where ever he may go.

The Shul's Bar Mitzvah Discovery Course provides just this opportunity. It includes stimulating discussions and multi media presentations on intriguing areas of Jewish life that the children will not have encountered in Hebrew School or Dayschool. These sessions will provide the child with valuable information that will prepare them for a more meaningful transition to adulthood. This program will ignite in them a love and pride in their Judaism and will help them define who they are as Jews.

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 Discovery I

Part One
The Meaning Of Bar Mitzvah - A deep appreciation and understanding of this transformational life cycle event. This will include discussion on the purpose of creation and the unique role each individual plays in the game of life.
Part Two
An opportunity to be paired up with a Yeshiva Student to study his Bar Mitzvah Parsha in the original and glean some contemporary and relevant lessons.
Part Three
Special Mitzvot connected with Bar Mitzvah - A hands on exploration on the meaning and traditions connected with the Talit and Teffilin. Learn how they are made, why we wear them, what makes them Kosher. How to put them on and care for them.

Torah, Haftorah and Blessings - An overview of the origins, traditions and customs connected with the reading of the Torah and Haftorah. The boys will learn the blessings before and after the reading of the Torah and Haftorah, their meaning as well as how they are chanted.

Discovery II 

Jewish Identity and Leadership

This course is a roadmap to guide your preteen in their journey after Bat and Bar Mitzvah. It will include activities and discussions that will give your child tools to navigate social and internal challenges. The following are some sample topics of this course:

  • Jewish Pride in all environments
  • The Value of Money
  • Confidence - finding your identity and worth
  • Leadership and Initiative
    Israel- what every Jewish kid needs to know