MITZVAH MISSION # 2 - Parshat Noach
(Please read together with your child)

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In this week's Torah Portion - Parshat Noach - we learn about Noah and the Flood. After God created the world and Adam and Chava left the Garden of Eden, the world started filling up with people. The people started farming, raising cattle, and abuilding cities and towns. But the didn't build nice, safe cities where people respected one another and kept the law. Instead, they were violent and corrupt and dishonest. They stole, hurt each other, and were show-offs.

This was not how God intended the world to be. God wants the world to be civilized. God wants people to build families and communities and nations, to live together peacefully and take care of each other.

God brought a flood that wiped out all of humanity, except for Noah and his family. Then God gave humanity a second chance, starting with Noah.

The lesson we learn from this week's Parsha is that every person on this planet has a responsibility to God to be a respectful, contributing member of society. (Ask your child:) How can you be a responsible member of your school and community? (Possible answers: follow rules, volunteer, get good grades, make teachers proud, participate, clean up after yourself, talk nicely, help others etc.)

Do something for others in your community. For example, pick up some trash that's left in your house or in school or on the road, even though it's not your job. 

What did you do for others in your community?

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