The Hanna Weinstein Fund

This fund will support the creation of The Shul's brand new natural playground and activity center for children of all ages.











Hanna Weisz was born Chana Weisz on May 26, 1925 in Bristrita, Romania to parents Rachel and Shlomo Weisz.  Hanna was one of seven children.   Her siblings were, David, Yitzhak(Isaac), Yisrael(Isadore), Gedalya(Geza), Henneh, and little brother Chaim Isser.  Hanna was a survivor of the Holocaust.   She is survived by her son Gyuri, loving husband Aron Weinstein, her loving son Dr. Bryan Weinstein, her loving daughter in-law Dr. Roya Soleymani-Weinstein and her three grandchildren Jedidiah, Raphael, and little Charlotte.  She is also survived by a loving family of nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews, and two sister in-laws, all of whom adored her.  She will have the honor of many others who will remember the magnitude of her love forever.   

Hanna was the epitome of hope and happiness.  She was a shining star whose bright light shined no matter what the circumstances.   All who knew her felt enormous love and were touched forever.  She was a second mother to many.   She taught us all what truly matters in the world — love, family, friends and the celebration of life.  She baked Hungarian pastries for everyone and her home was an open door for anyone at any time of the day.   

Above all, Hanna loved children.  Nothing made her more happy than seeing children happily playing. She only wanted to see their happy innocent faces at play enjoying life to the fullest. Nothing would make her happier than a playground designed for such a purpose. Our dream is to create a space within nature to enhance children's love of Judaism with hours of creative play, camaraderie and precious moments. Our playground will be very unique in that it will communicate with nature and provide endless fun, as children enjoy playing, learning about their bodies in motion, building skills and confidence, and feeling close to G‑d's Nature. We hope this playground will encompass body, mind and soul. 

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The Natural Playground Idea

Natural Playgrounds are designed and built to reduce anxiety, create delightful interchanges, form lasting memories, and improve overall well-being. According to research, Natural Play contributes to the overall physical, cognitive, and emotional development of children, helps them score higher on tests for concentration and self-discipline, helps them experience more diverse play, and helps them exhibit less aggressive behavior, strive toward advanced motor fitness, and become healthier.

Natural Playgrounds offer financial benefits, as well. They're less expensive than equipment, they aren't replaced when safety regulations change, they lower playground injuries, they offer higher play value at lower cost, and they're perfect outdoor classrooms!

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