Notes to The Shul...

From teens involved with Because we Care

“I didn’t really expect to learn anything I didn’t already know about being Jewish. Working with the Rabbi’s to connect our activities to Judaism and the holiday we were celebrating, taught me so much about Torah and all the different mitzvahs we can do”

“The kids loved doing all of our activities and when we connected it to Judaism at the end, their eyes lit up. I loved being a part of the Because We Care Program, and I wish I could do it again”

“This program really emphasized to me the importance of working together for the greater good. Unity was a huge part of every program we did”

“Through the incredible Because We Care program, I not only learned what it takes to plan a successful project, which displays Jewish values to younger teens, but I also learned what is takes to seamlessly combine different Jewish communities that may not otherwise be affiliated”

Hi Kasriel and Itty,

A belated  todah rabbah for the wonderful shabbat package which was delivered to Eand myself.  Believe it or not, we are still enjoying it.  Have a terrific Shavuous……hag sameach…….. LJ

Dear Rabbi and Itty,

Thank you for thinking of us on the previous Shabbos.
It was so thoughtful of you to send us a very special surprise package.
We enjoyed the dessert kichel on that evening and ate your delicious
chicken soup this past Shabbos /Yom Tov.  It was a real treat.
Stay safe and be healthy.

The L's 


Thanks for your visit with your gorgeous girls. Thank u for the delicious food. I love the beautiful get well card !❤


 I wanted to take a minute and personally acknowledge what an extremely powerful evening I had at your home and all you did and ALWAYS do to create theses powerful experiences for members of "The Shul"!!

Best personal regards,


You truly are one of a kind and do so much for our community. Pls tell the Rabbi that I really enjoyed his stories and truly needed and got a lot out of it. I don't think you realize how much you impact this community and specifically how you impact me. Your pure joy of sharing truly allows so many to embrace Judaism with inclusiveness for all.
Thank you Gd bless you all



Thank you so very much for your food which you left for me.  It was so sweet & kind.  I am sorry that I was not home. 

L& E & A G

Thank you so much for the card, food, support, and love.  They were greatly appreciated during our difficult time. 

The V Family 

Coming home from Florida and finding the Purim box  was such a lovely surprise. 
Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  It is deeply appreciated.

J B  

I am writing to thank you for the lovely Purim package I received today.  I am speechless and overwhelmed by this incredible act of generosity you have shown me.  Thank you all, and much happiness and good health to all of you. 

I H 

I regret leaving services without telling the Rabbi and Cantor how much I enjoyed their davening, inspirational words and melodies. 
Many thanks.