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  • Celebrate High Holidays at The ShulIt's not your regular High Holiday option. Rosh Hashanah services at The Shul are friendly enough for every kind of Jewish person. That's why we'll have exciting services (in Hebrew and English), a children's program, a warm environment with friendly people - and a serious Kiddush. More Info
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  • I Cannot Stop on ShabbatBy far the most difficult commandment for me to keep is Shabbat. I never seem to get everything... Read More
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Daily Thought
Why is it the poor simpleton who has the wisdom to choose the King alone? Because the others sit in the royal waiting chambers and are charmed by the gold and silver, the velvet and silk that they find there. Those treasures, those become their requests. But the poor simpleton has no appreciation for treasures. So all he desires is the King alone. So too it is with us: There are treasures of the mind, treasures...